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Artist Praveen Kumar


Praveen Kumar Saini, a Miniature Artist hailing from Pink City, Jaipur, is among one of the best artists who has made an immense contribution in the field of miniature artwork to the world. Praveen is known for high quality miniature paintings and his artwork has been appreciated in various solo exhibitions worldwide.
Praveen is making continuous efforts from last three generations to keep this centuries old artwork of Rajasthan alive. There are numerous schools of the Miniature paintings of India but his specialization is in Mughal and Jaipur School. Praveen is a nature-lover and his fondness for birds and flowers could be seen in paintings which magnetize the people who have an eye for great artworks.
The highlight of his paintings is the intricate and delicate brushwork which makes the art piece indispensable for everyone to own it. The paintings are made of stone color pigments from precious and semi-precious stones such as Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Indigo, Rubi, Emrald and real gold etc. All paintings are done on old paper, silk, canvas and Camel Bone.
Praveen’s paintings have left a huge mark in various exhibitions held in different parts of the world. He received a great recognition in his solo exhibitions at Mauritius, London, New York to name a few. Praveen’s each creation depicts his in-depth understanding and knowledge of colors and his paintings speak volumes about his affection and unconditional love towards environment.